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Approved distributer of OFFICIAL England Taekwondo Training Top and merchandise.



We are immensely proud of the high standards achieved by many of our members within our organisation and place high expectations on them to continue to maintain and improve upon those standards.

Our focus is solely on teaching 'Martial Arts'. We do not offer mass marketed blends of trendy fitness programmes, children's party games or other modern marketing products or sales schemes. We develop health and fitness through Martial Arts, we promote discipline and respect through Martial Arts, we only teach real, authentic, high quality MARTIAL ARTS to a high standard.

Our dedication to real Martial Arts values is why so many families regard us as the best choice for Martial Arts training.

We are a Martial Arts Academy that promotes family values and strenghtens the bonds between parents and their children.

2014 World Children's Taekwondo Championship Bronze Medal winner Dean Turner

Where children gain greater confidence

Forming bonds and friendships in a disciplined environment helps children develop important inter-personal and social skills.

Specialised training and equipment encourage the development of extreme skills and agility

A place where Children are instilled with great values and learn to appreciate the benefits of being fit and active.

An authentic environment promoting Martial Arts and Korean Culture

Where adults can lose weight and relieve the stress of daily life.

Our Instructors continually practice hard and lead by example.

Our 'Elite' Chung Do Kwan Kickboxing sessions offer a complete cirriculum and specialised training for both children and adults.

Where action and excitement compliment real skills and dexterity.

We pride ourselves on teaching true Martial Arts untainted by modern fitness fads or targetted mass marketing ploys.


When paying for any product or services most people will want to make sure that it is an authentic and quality brand. The same applies to Martial Arts tuition where genuine tradition and heritiage often help establish the quality of a club or instructor. Elite Chung Do Kwan Martial Arts have established credentials to give you confidence in our world class standards and the knowledge that you and your family will learn genuine Chung Do Kwan Martial Arts.

BBC Radio Bristol presenters interview members on their success and that of our academy in Staple Hill and learn some moves.

Come along for one month of FREE classes and find out why so many people regard us as the most popular Martial Arts Club in the area!



Congratulations on visiting the website of Bristol's headquarters for 'Chung Do Kwan Martial Arts' , an authentic and traditional form that is the core of our training programmes to produce one of this country's leading and genuine Martial Arts brands. CLICK HERE



Our highly acclaimed National Training Centre is situated in Page Park, Staple Hill, near Bristol and is an elite award-winning and internationally recognised centre of excellence and examination college for 'Chung Do Kwan Martial Arts ' offering Taekwondo and Kickboxing instruction to men, women and children of all ages and abilities, as well as providing advanced training in Bristol for instructors and elite performers.

Due to the credibility, authenticity and continued success of our organisation and it's Bristol HQ an increasing number of Martial Arts instructors now wish to gain formal recognition and accreditation by officially registering as a Chung Do Kwan Martial Arts school.


Come and experience our award winning classes in the comfort and safety of our fully matted and equipped Bristol based Martial Arts Centre of Excellence accredited by South Gloucestershire Council with an equivalency to Club Mark Standard


Hi, my name is Andy Davies and I'd like to welcome you to the official website of Chung Do Kwan Martial Arts and our acclaimed Bristol based National Training Centre of Excellence. Here men, women and children of all ages can get the very best out of Martial Arts training.

We hope that you will join us and become leaders of Chung Do Kwan both as students and hopefully future instructors and in doing so improve the quality of your lives and those of your children through our structured martial arts training programmes.

Andy Davies is certified to 8th Dan Grandmaster level by the World Chung Do Kwan HQ (Korea) and is seen here (left) with legendary Chung Do Kwan Grandmaster Park, Hae Man. Hie is also the most senior Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo HQ, Korea) Certified Master grade in his region



If you've been thinking about Martial Arts lessons, such as Taekwondo or Kickboxing, for either you or your child I've got some incredible news for you: Here at Bristol's Chung Do Kwan Martial Arts HQ we've helped hundreds of satisfied members improve their lives by assisting them to find their inner strengths and learning all the secrets to fitness, goal setting achievement, success, and self-confidence.

Getting Started in Taekwondo and kickboxing is Easy, so call us Today! You don't have to have any previous Martial Arts experience or be super fit to get started in our Bristol or other area intro classes. Our dedicated team of Taekwondo and kickboxing instructors were also beginners at one time and they will help you or your child fit easily into a class. If you are looking for the best possible start to learning Martial Arts, then a Chung Do Kwan Martial Arts Academy is the place where we can make that happen.

•  Improved Fitness & Flexibility
•  Increased Confidence
•  Weight Control
•  Stress Release
•  Self-Defence

If you think that we are just another Martial Arts Club......think again!

With a full-time Taekwondo and kickboxing National Training Centre we offer a high quality of service and instruction in a professional fully matted and equipped facility, providing a wide range of classes in Bristol to suit everyone during most evenings of the week.

If we won't settle for second best - why should you?


Most importantly, we are a dedicated Award Winning Centre of Excellence where family values are seen as a key aspect of our programmes as we believe that families that kick together...stick together!

As Taekwondo and kickboxing students develop and become more confident, we help them embrace the martial arts values of Etiquette, Modesty, Perseverance , Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit which equips them, especially children, with the life-skills to overcome daily challenges and resist unhealthy peer pressures.

We feel confident that parents in particular, would want their children to have a head start in life and to know that they are learning valuable martial arts lessons, not just simply a means of kicking and punching.

Saving lives!

With adults, but most specifically children adopting a much more sedentary lifestyle, society is now in the grip of a rising obesity epidemic and other major health risks as a result of growing inactivity.

Whilst the UK ranks among countries with some of the world's highest obesity rates, South Korea has the lowest obesity rate of OECD Nations. This comes as no surprise for a population where training in Martial Arts , such as Taekwondo and kickboxing, is a national pastime. The fact is that practicing Taekwondo and other Martial Arts has massive health benefits and can actually save lives!

It is also interesting to note that studies carried out at Loughborough University's Institute of Youth Sport found that Martial Arts , including Taekwondo and kickboxing, were among the leading activities which helped calm unruly and disruptive children because of its codes of etiquette and discipline.

One important aspect to understand is that the Martial Arts of Taekwondo and kickboxing are based on a structured and disciplined environment whereas other modern 'sports' and recreational activities may have a much more relaxed or laid back ethos. Therefore, it is easy to see why Martial Arts can help calm disruptive children and perhaps where other activities may learn from our approach. Whilst martial arts training should be enjoyable we do not advocate a 'just doing it for a laugh' attitude towards our sessions.

We expect everyone to take responsibility for their attitude and actions and to respect other people both within and outside of our Taekwondo and kickboxing martial art academies.

Making the right decision

We know that the martial arts training provided at our Academies is second to none and that by making the decision to enrol with us today, you and your family will be making one of the best decisio ns of your life!

Whether it is for 'Self-Defence', 'Fitness', 'Confidence' or to 'improve' your life, we know that a Chung Do Kwan Martial Arts Taekwondo and kickboxing Leadership Black Belt Academy is the place for you!

However, there are some important things to know: There is a growing trend amongst Taekwondo, kickboxing and other Martial Arts clubs to employ a wide range of high impact marketing 'gimmicks' and specially crafted scripts to entice people to join them. We do not do this. What you see is what you get and unless you actually take a FREE trial class with us you will not see the benefits for yourself. Telling you about our benefits over the phone is one thing but unless you come and experience our martial arts for yourself, it remains just empty talk!

Similarly, a growing number of Martial Arts clubs are now including special 'game based' classes because they target and recruit very young children and need to keep them interested. Whilst we do accept children into our classes (4 yrs and above) we rely on our in-depth knowledge and expertise of Martial Arts, not 'games' or other marketable 'bolt on programmes' to capture and maintain children's interest. We are a highly acclaimed Martial Arts organisation, not a playgroup.

We certainly won't 'Cold Calling' and knock on your door, trying to sell you membership while preaching the benefits of joining our Academies. We know that if you are genuinely interested in learning Martial Arts we don't need to come to you - you will come to us!

Although there is a growing tendency among Martial Arts clubs in Bristol and other areas to subscribe to mass marketing strategies such as diversifying into creating ‘trendy' self-invented fitness programmes and other income generating schemes which may include aerobic style musical accompaniment, we do not advocate or follow such practices.

It is a worrying trend that a growing number of Martial Arts clubs and organisations seem to promote themselves as if they are the 'Formula 1' of Martial Arts using aggressive marketing tactics and promising incredible benefits and results. If it sounds too good to be true... it probably is and the chances are that rather than a Formula 1 it is more likely to be closer to a 'Horse and Cart'.

By coming to us we believe that you will be receiving quality Taekwondo and kickboxing tuition in a martial arts environment dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. Being the best that you can become is the least you should expect from yourself and the least that we will expect from you. But don't just take our word for it. Come along and try one month FREE.

We are justly proud of our reputation and success for teaching Taekwondo and kickboxing, and producing quality Martial Arts practitioners and being a home to many champions. However, we are not here just to look for future OLYMPIC CHAMPIONS , we are here to look for and help people who want to become champions of their lives!

We pride ourselves on teaching ‘Martial Arts' in their traditional and historical context, and nothing else. We leave fitness fads for fitness gyms, game based activities for the school playground and loud music for discos and Zumba classes!

If you want to be part of a real Martial Arts organisation which benefits from a Bristol based National Training Centre then call us now!


Learn the secrets that Martial Arts clubs don't want you to learn!

CLICK HERE to download our FREE Report on the secrets some Martial Arts Clubs and organisations don't want you to learn

You can trust our authenticity and accreditation

All our instructors hold enhanced CRB clearance and we are specially accredited by the local authority as equivalent to Clubmark Standard. We are members of UK Chung Do Kwan which is an authentic Chung Do Kwan organisation and boasts worldwide recognition and accreditation and affiliated to TKD England.

We are approved by the KUKKIWON World Taekwondo Headquarters and the World Chung Do Kwan Headquarters, both in Korea.

So if you are serious about learning Martial Arts and are prepared to accept our offer of a Month FREE introductory Classes then call us right now on 07598505299 or 0845-474-3089 (24 hr answerphone).


1st Floor, Page Park Pavilion, Page Park, off Park Road, Bristol. South Gloucestershire. BS16 5LD








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